A Little About Me

Wren Roberts

I’m a writer and editor by night, and an educator by day. I live in That Weird House On The Block with three cats, a tree named Eleanore, and one nefarious Russian.

As a writer, my work has appeared in Three Line Poetr​y, The Minetta Review​, The Interlochen Review​ and The Red Wheelbarrow​, among others. Oh, and I also won a reality TV show for writers called Project Publish​. That may or may not have been the weirdest thing to ever happen.

I hold a Master of Art in Teaching from Aurora University and have my Bachelor of Fine Art in Dramatic Writing and Anthropology from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Yes, those are all very different things. I’m a complicated person, okay?​

I also escaped Interlochen Arts Academy after three years of intense fiction and poetry study. I was the last person to ever get a high-five in Independent Film Study from them. Probably because I was on the student committee for their Motion Picture Arts program.

Random Factoids About Wren

  • Wren has received applause for knitting accomplishments no less than two times.
  • Wren named herself ​at age 9. She swapped middle names at 15.
  • Wren has a circadian rhythm disorder so her body thinks there are 27 hours in the day.​
  • Wren hates bananas. Like, really really​ hates bananas. You know that sound dogs make before throwing up? That’s Wren while eating bananas.
  • Wren once worked as a box-constructor. She was paid a lot of money to build flat-pack boxes.​
  • Wren watches way too much Doctor Who.