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  • Picnics in the Rain

    There are some days that I think the weather is truly conspiring against me and my ideas of fun. I’m pretty certain that an act of malice can only be responsible for the horrid weather that has plagued me the past several weeks when I have wanted to have a picnic. Specifically, a bike-ride picnic with Daniil. For weeks now, we have been either rained out or colded out.

    Yesterday was no exception. Beyond the fact that up until the day before we were told by a (mistaken) forecast that starting at noon, Sunday was to be sunny and warm.

    Bullocks.  This is what we got:

    I don’t even.

    But rather than let ourselves be deterred, the picnic had to go on! Only, inside. And with less nature. Boo. But it was still lovely. And we had a lot more pillows, to say the least. Sandwiches were made, strawberries were washed, and pasta salad was packed. We even opened the windows to listen to the rolling thunder.

    Yes, it was raining, despite how bright it looks out my windows. Blowout is blowout.

    And look, I finally lit the candles Daniil got me for Christmas. We’ll just ignore that it’s almost 6 months later. They smell amazing. He was pretty insistent that lighting Cappuccino, Warm Sugar, and Wedding Cake all at once was a very terrible, not-so-good idea, but I showed him. Not overpowering in the least, and not too faint, either, for that matter.

    And of course no picnic would be complete without me stuffing my face full of sammich. Absolutely not.

    The kicker of all this being, of course, was that after our post-picnic nap, it was bright, sunny, and hot. The rain had blown through and humidity had set in. I know, right?  So the happy ending to this story is that we got the bike ride in after-all.

    We’ll just pretend that the hard-shell bug flying into his eye never happened.

  • One Hundred Points to Gryffindor

    I hit the motherlode.  My friend Katie and I have an ongoing game that we’ve been playing for a year now. It’s the Tractor Game. Apparently they play it in New Zealand.  You spy a tractor, you get a point.  Spy a moving tractor and you get two. It started on a ride down from Devil’s Lake when her GPS took us through some very rural parts.

    Well, during our camping trip to Pere Marquette, I hit the motherlode.  I present to you a moving tractor on a ferry.  A moving tractor on a ferry that promptly drove into the bar right next to the ferry.

    We settled that this was worth at least a hundred points in the game.   And I got to ride the ferry!

  • Let's Speak About Knitting

    So now that I have graduated and have subsequently found myself on the job-seeking beat, I’ve found I have more time to do what I really enjoy. Namely, knitting.

    A friend was ever so kind enough to send me a lovely Twist Collective pattern (Mary Jane) to work on in my down time. And work on it I have, using some lovely Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy that I got on sale. It’s a hemp/cotton/modal blend. Which means it’s murder on the fingers. And yet, somehow worth it. I’ve only had to rip out my needles and frog back, oooh, eleventy-billion times. I’m not a very careful knitter. I hurry and make large, glaring mistakes that I don’t catch until much too long afterward. That’s okay though. Sometimes I just let the mistakes live on.

    Now isn’t that lovely? The red of that deck chair really brings out the…uh…yellowish-tannish-muddle color in it. I’m a bit farther on now than I was a week ago when I took that picture. Shut up, it can take me a week to post on my blog if I want it to. Psssh.

    Ah, and when I’m not knitting, I am, of course, doing naughty things like buying yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. Though in my defense, going to a seconds sale is a ridiculously cheap way to get a lot of fancy yarn. Here. Let me show you:

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is Dream in Color Smooshy. And not just any color either. It’s their April 2011 Exclusive Club Color Posy.  That yarn right there? Retails for $24.00-$26.00. I kid you not. I bought it at the company seconds sale for $5.00. It has about foot of “damaged” yarn in it (ie not spun to standards) but that little defect is hardly anything, especially when you consider that skein has 420 yards in it. The color is much prettier in person, too.

    So no, I’m not ashamed I spent all the money in my wallet that day. Not the least. Especially since I am now done buying yarn for the next few years.  Yeah. A few years.  I mean that.   I think.

  • Where I Have Been


    Why yes that is a fancy Masters hood.

    And in other news, more will be happening around here now that all of that is finished.