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  • I Haz a Job Nao

    Well, the somewhat big news is that I have landed a full-time job with benefits! It’s only somewhat big because, um, it’s kind of actually my old job. I’m back to being a Special Education paraprofessional, though in yet another building within the district. I feel like I’m on a merry-go-round sometimes.

    This will be the most interesting, perhaps, because I’m actually going to be working in the very same building where I went to elementary school. Though now I’ll get to be in the sooper sekrit teacher rooms, like the forbidden lounge. Zomg!!11!. But it will be neat to see what has happened to the building in the 13+ years since I was last there (beyond dropping things off at the main office).

    I just know I’ll like it better than the last building I was in. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved all my coworkers and the kids, but the physical building was just…meh. Same reason why I was not too fond of the building where I student taught. I really, really, really don’t like buildings that don’t have lockers and/or cubbies in the hallways. They seem far too sterile. I guess I just like seeing students in the hallways getting things. Perhaps I’m weird like that.

    Most importantly, though: I’ll have health insurance. Right now I have a $740/mo COBRA payment. It’s pretty crappy, but thankfully I won’t have to pay it that much longer. Healthcare reform apparently didn’t apply to my parent’s retirement insurance plan, so I’m not covered anymore. And as an added bonus, I’m being charged as if I were 77. This is great. Just great.

  • 24 Years

    So in the quiet hours of yesterday morning, I became 24 years old. Twenty-four. Officially in my mid-twenties now. That’s a pretty big deal, maybe?

    Some friends and I went bowling on Tuesday. My highest score was a 114. I never claimed to be good at it.

    Why yes that is the shirt I was making last month. It made its debut that night. And yes that is a birthday crown I made for myself. Birthdays shouldn’t happen without a crown.

    As for being twenty-four and all…let me present you the bucket list to do before being twenty-five.

    1. Finish book of poetry
    2. Knit a (real) sweater
    3. Redecorate the spare bedroom
    4. Spend more time outside
    5. Eat less bad ice-cream and more good ice-cream
    6. Climb a 5.9 route consitently
    7. Hell, let’s make that a 5.10
    8. Guess I’d better learn how to belay, too
    9. Practice more Random Acts of Kindness
    10. Move out
    11. Learn how to sew
    12. Pull my hair out less
    13. Cook more
    14. Don’t mind the dirt
    15. Find a real job
    16. Take more pictures
    17. This includes the polaroid
    18. Figure out how to walk in heels real good
    19. Ride 30 miles in a day on a bicycle
    20. Lay in the grass.
    21. Be more consistent about posting to the blog
    22. Twitter, too
    23. Finish reading War and Peace
    24. Continue to not grow up
  • Certs


    I got my teaching certificate today. K-9, elementary and middle school certified. Also, they seem to think I’m qualified to teach Language Arts and Social Sciences. That’s pretty neat.

    I nearly freaked out when I saw that I wasn’t endorsed for Drama.  I mean, if there’s anything I’m qualified to teach it’s Drama.  But then I realised my university wasn’t qualified to endorse me in that. Time to figure out who is qualified to do that endorsement.

    But squee! I’m a real, certified teacher now. There’s no possibility of something going horrifically wrong and getting denied for some reason. I’ve got it!

    In other news…anyone aware of open teaching positions?

  • Politics is not Entertainment Tonight

    One of the first and, to date, one of the most-bitter fights Daniil and I have ever gotten into had to do with something most people would probably raise an eyebrow or two at. It was a bitter, drawn out affair that resulted in somewhat of a compromise. To this day, though it only occasionally comes up, we struggle and butt heads about it.

    You see, when I met him, he was not registered to vote. While some might not care, to me this was an issue of great and dire importance. It still is. He finally caved and registered right after last year’s elections (sigh). The compromise was he very adamantly insisted that though now he was registered and I should be happy, he would never, never, ever exercise his right to vote. And, as far as I know, he hasn’t.

    And this still troubles me. Perhaps even more so than it did a year ago. Why?

    I’ve noticed–and I’m not the only one–that politics is become a lot more like TMZ every day. And no one seems to care. We happily swallow up Trump’s birtherism, giggle about Jon Kyl’s ‘non-factual’ statements, and snicker about Rep. Weiner’s…well…weiner. And while we process what is happening with these news bits, we simply move on without, well, doing anything.

    But then things like this happen:

    They happen and we don’t notice because there’s nothing entertaining about it, and we want to be entertained. LZ Ganderson wrote on CNN:

    It shouldn’t really matter which side of the fence you stand on regarding abortion: that tone, that rationale, has no place in the debate. That more people, more women, were not angered by DeGraaf’s statements only highlights just how little we are paying attention to lawmakers.

    He’s right. We’re not paying attention, and crazy whackadoo lawmakers have figured that out. As long as political news coverage is actually entertainment in content, these politicians can do and say whatever they like. My 4th grade teacher always said that who you are is the person you are when no one is watching.

    No one is watching what’s going on. No one is watching and the masks are coming off. And since no one is watching, no one notices when they change the law in ways we don’t like, to reflect values we don’t believe in.

    I am shocked and horrified that it’s okay, politically and socially, to say things like that, to say that you should plan ahead for rape. I’m upset this isn’t more news worthy. I’m ashamed that we could stand for it in this country.

    Politics isn’t entertainment, people. It’s real life, and it has very real consequences. And sadly, punishing women and making the lives of women more difficult has been a common theme of late (or almost forever, really). But it’s not just women, it’s happening to the poor and to the brown, too. It’s only going to get worse if we continue to view politicians the same way we do celebrities.

    As a side not, it was pretty ingenous of DeGraff to sugges his wife and daughter would “never need an abortion” if they were raped. Last time I checked, ‘never need’ was not synonymous with ‘I will forbid’.