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  • Today, I was a Writer

    So it’s no secret I was most definitely a writer for seven-plus years, and then most decidedly not a writer for the two years I was in grad school. And anyone who knows me probably has the good idea of how much I’ve been struggling to reclaim that identity. Which, if I’m perfectly honest, is not as easy I thought it would be. If I had known it would be this hard, I almost certainly would have gone into an MFA program instead of the education program I found myself in. Though perhaps running through three writing programs is a tad overkill when you’ve already been through two Top Tier programs.  It’s unclear.

    Well, today I was a writer. No–technically it was yesterday, but that didn’t sound as good. I ended up at a seminar with Windy City Publishing, and was surprised at how current my knowledge of the publishing industry was. No surprises there, but it was definitely comforting to know that I still know what I’m doing. I guess a lot didn’t change in the past three years.  That boost in self confidence for me, right now, is priceless.

    I also met some lovely people. Was told I should submit a resume for editing with WCP. So it turns out I wasn’t that off when I submitted one to Google a year and a half ago. It’s just the accursed “college experience isn’t real experience” thing in this industry. Which makes the “We only have one more interview and your work and samples and qualifications are so amazing we’ll almost surely be calling you after that interview” interview I had with Scholastic in 2007 that much more painful. They hired their last interviewee.  Sigh. But I’ve maybe found the way around this experience problem. I met two other writers who were looking for someone to edit their work. Which I hope works out. I’m so tired of my ads being awash in the sea of Cheaper, Non-Native English Speaker Editors.

    Though I may have shot myself in the foot with this blog. Amount of editing I put into my posts? Next to zero. Bahaha! That’s probably why no one reads it. In addition to me never posting. Oh dear. I’ve been thinking about a complete and total overhaul. It may be time. I just feel so energized to get on this now that I feel like I’ve dipped my toe into the pool again.