Full-Time Writer You Say?

I posted a countdown the other day about my upcoming adventures. I left something very big and very important off that countdown. See, tomorrow is  June 3rd. It’s the last day of school. Normally that’s not a big deal, because normally I would go home after work and start right away the next day a full-time summer job. No breaks. No time off.

This year? That’s not happening. I’m going home after work and the next day? I’m staying home. I’m staying home and I’m writing. And I’m doing that the next day, and also the day after that. I somehow convinced my entire family and my friends to support me as I give full-time writing a go.

True, it’s only for a summer. But that’s more than I’ve ever had. I haven’t had a true summer off since I was about 16. Ten years. And now I’m having a whole summer to write and travel and see if I can really make this work.

Let me be clear. This is an amazing gift. And sadly, at the end of August, midnight will strike and my magical writing carriage will turn back into the pumpkin of work. But. This summer will give me a running head start for my ambitious plans. And hopefully, I’ll be successful enough that I can take next summer off. That I can steal more precious months playing at full-time writer.

And maybe, just maybe, someday I can play the part for much longer than 3 months a year.

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  1. What a great opportunity! It sounds like you have a very interesting few months ahead of you. I wish you a productive summer. 😀


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