How’s Them Plans Going: A Schedule

Soooo, remember when I came up with the absolutely ludicrous plan to publish 18 things in 18 months? It’s been a couple weeks, so I figured it was time to check in and report back on my findings or doings or whatever. Maybe even post a schedule!

In that plan, I laid out where I wanted novels, short stories, and novellas to hit. I gave myself two freebies because I knew I would end up having a short story collection after awhile, and my novella trilogy has always had the plan to become an omnibus. So I guess that may be considered cheating, but even if we go with 16 publications in 18 months, that’s still a lot.

Here is where I am at:

  • August: novella Three Days of Night
    • Going to the editor on Monday or Tuesday
    • On schedule
  • September: short story
    • Not written 🙁
    • Technically still on schedule until June 30
    • May end up pulling something from backlist?
  • October: short story Scaring Fields
    • Drafted
    • Way ahead of schedule
    • Cover done (as I said, way ahead of schedule)
  • November: novella, book two in my Three Days of Night trilogy
    • ???? Waiting for edits back on book one
    • The beginning here may possibly be already written at the back of book one
    • On schedule
  • December: short story
    • Bahahaha, not even thinking about this yet
    • On schedule

That’s the intended schedule through the end of the year. I’m more than comfortable with where I am currently at. Yes, technically I’m getting ready to be behind on my September story. But I’m not really concerned with it yet. Why?

I’ve got a really awesome vacation coming up. Three and a half weeks of pure adventure over three countries, three continents, and spanning over 18,000 feet of altitude. I’m literally climbing a freakin’ mountain, you guys.

If I can’t find a story doing that, then I’m probably in trouble. But the plan has been, from day one, for this to be a semi-working trip. We’re staying for a lot of it with my sister in Nairobi. Which means if I spend a whole day writing, I don’t have to feel guilty about hotel fees. And there are such days planned in there. Especially when we get back from Kilimanjaro. I should have Three Days of Night back from my editor by then (actually before I climb, but I’m not editing while climbing a mountain. I’m crazy, but not that crazy), which means edits will commence.

As of now, we’re probably looking at a publication schedule that favors the ends of months versus the beginnings. That’s fine. And if you’d like to be the first to know when my stuff is out, I totally have a mailing list. I’ll use that only to alert subscribers when something is released. No more, no less.

I totally think this is going to work.

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