2013 in Review

It seems like this is the obligatory end-of-year review. Everyone’s doing them, so maybe I should do. After all, 2013 was a pretty big year for me, with a lot of ups and a few downs.

I could do a month-by-month breakdown, but that feels little too organized for me. It also, I think, detracts from some of my accomplishments. So here we are, a good old-fashioned summary.

Firstly, 2013 was the year I overcame my fears of looking stupid and went on a local-access reality show. It was fun and kind of a revalation for me. Oh, yeah, and I won, too. Which was a nice little bonus. That’s how I kicked off the year. Well, actually, we kicked it off with our first NYE party in the new house, but that was technically 2012.

I found the courage to say screw work and took the whole summer off. This let me finish the first draft of my novella and write a few short stories. Also take the tame to really understand the publishing world as it is, not as everyone seems to want it to be. I also hired out my first work for covers and editing. Ooh Ahh.

The summer off also meant I could travel. I did a whirlwind tour of Istanbul before flying to Kenya and Tanzania for three weeks. I climbed Kilimanjaro. I wrote most of my second draft of the novella at (I’m not joking) a beach mansion south of Mombassa.

I went to my first wedding. I’m not sure how I got through 26 years without a wedding, but there you go.

I joined a monthly writing group which I think has really helped me get back into writing without a weekly (or daily) workshop. I apparently thrive on routine and rituals, and finding something that could help build a rhythm has been an immense help.

I also got sick. I picked up salmonella while in Kenya and spent the next three weeks dying. Luckily it waited until I was home and not still on the plane before I started puking my guts out. I seriously thought I was going to die. But, getting salmonella ended up being the kick in the pants I needed to start taking my health seriously. I still have a mystery chronic disease that lays me out somewhat regularly, but I’m learning to accept it. I’m learning to live in this body again.

I approved my first cover design. That was exciting.

I also started my own business. Yes, you heard me. I am now a small-business owner. Job Creators FTW! I kid, of course. But I’m very excited about this new endeavor. I’m not ready to reveal all the plans yet, but you can make safe bets that it involves writing and fiction.

2014 is coming up. Tomorrow even. And I’m more excited than ever for a new year to begin. I don’t usually make resolutions, but I’ve got a lot of exciting things to work on, and I feel energized by my new second job (aka, the business).

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