2014 First Quarter Update

Oh man. Sometimes you blink and suddenly the year is almost a quarter of the way through. How did that happen? No seriously, how?

In my attempt to be more organized and more adult-like, I think I’m going to start regularly summarizing all the good things that have been happening to increase gratitude, and take stock of all the challenges I’ve overcome to feel awesome about doing stuff. Because I’m beginning to realize I’m a lot more capable than I give myself credit for. So here we go.

January started off with a cold bang. Our school returned to, well, school two whole days later than planned. To be honest, I was really grateful for those two extra days of vacation. I finished up the final draft of Three Days of Night and had it proof read. I shoveled a ridiculous amount of snow. I also launched a business. I was really great about telling people I was starting a business, but consistently failed to mention the business. I wanted to get it a little more ready before announcing it. So. OH YEAH. I’m running a media company, KYSO Media. It has a bank account and everything. Fancy! I wrote a novelette that is forthcoming. I was also asked to join my union’s negotiation team.

February was brutal at my day job. I’d say it was the most brutal February I’ve ever experienced, and I lived in northern Michigan for three years. The cold and the lack of sun really made things hard for my BD kiddos, and also me. I was pulling a lot of long hours for my small business because I was getting ready to do this next thing: I published my first novella, Three Days of Night. It ranked on two Top 100 lists on Amazon for several weeks, which was pretty cool. I also received my first 5-star review and Heroines of Fantasy  covered my book. In non-book things, one of my closest friends in the world (The Farmer nee Librarian!) came to visit and spent the night. And we went to an awesome Hawaii-themed birthday party for another close friend’s husband. And brunch was also had. I love brunch.

We’re halfway through March. So my report is a little early. But March has been good. The shift to Daylight Saving and a few above-freezing days have given me a new lease on life and a sense of joy that has been missing from my life for a few months. Hiring season in education started, so I began applying to jobs again. I found the perfect job and am trying to remain optimistic about the prospect, but we shall see. I am about a third of the way through novella #2, Three Days of Light. I have plans to visit The Farmer on her farm over my spring break at the end of the month. I have plans to publish a short story that is long overdue. My union is starting negotiations in a few weeks. Eep! Oh! And I finished knitting my first sweater. I’m wearing it right now. Booyah.

All in all, it has been fabulous. 2014 has really been meeting the mark so far. And I’m pretty sure it will continue.

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