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  • In Which Wren Talks About Priorities and Choices

    Original photo by Tony Unruh

    There comes a time in everyone’s life when you realize you need to make priorities. This often comes with a certain amount if humiliation, because you generally have to admit that your priorities are all screwed up. At least that was true for me.

    I’ve mentioned the Year of No Habits and the Year of Shame before. I don’t think I’m quite ready to really talk about them in depth yet, but we’ll get there. We always do.

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  • Why You Should Always Befriend Librarians

    look at all these books. look at them.

    It goes without saying: Librarians are awesome. Many of my best friends are current or former librarians, and I really enjoyed my stint working at a circulation desk in high school. You really get the opportunity to learn about books and reading habit when you work at a library.

    One of my closest friends is an awesome woman named Colleen. She’s a high school librarian who is passionate about getting books into the hands of teenagers who, well, hate books. And, as a writer, she is one of my most invaluable resources.

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