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  • Excerpts! Excerpts! Get Em While They’re Hot

    So I pulled out my editing chainsaw the other day. It’s not unusual for me to finish the beginning of a sci-fi story and then immediately edit it before going on with the rest. What can I say? I’m a believer in strong beginnings.

    Also, I promised excerpts. So I thought it’d be interesting to see my first two paragraphs of Draft 1 and Draft 1.1 side-by-side. I always find revisions and rewrites to be interesting beasts when the drafts belong to someone else. They give me a sense of who someone is and what their process looks like as a writer. Hopefully mine skews more towards ‘vaguely intelligent’ vs ‘complete and total idiot.’

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  • Taking Out The Editing Chainsaw

    original photo by juhansonin

    I’m working on a novella for self-publishing experimentation. My working title thus far is Three Days of Night. No, it’s not about vampires. Or the devil. It’s a science-fiction romp on a distant planet taken over by a cult. It’s about women and power and rebellion. It’s also a huge mess.

    The work naturally lends itself to be broken up into three parts. On Monday, I finished the first part. Well, the draft anyway. And I’ve started editing. Which a lot of people would call crazy.

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