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  • My Writing Manifesto or My Cry for Feminism

    I’ve had other posts planned. I was even going to post something yesterday, but I stopped. This post is probably going to be link heavy, and it may offend you or make you upset. If it does? Good. It offends and upsets me too.

    When people talk to me about my writing and ask me what I do (which is strangely a lot lately), I have always been clear. I am a woman writer. I am writer who is a woman. I am not an American Woman Novelist as Wikipedia would have me. I am a writer. I am a feminist writer.

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  • re: Boston

    Something terrible happened yesterday. And I’m sad and angry and other hard feelings about it. But I’m also blank. I’m almost afraid to say it, but I think I may actually be more angry/sad/scared about that blankness than I am the awful thing.

    This world is a violent one. I was fourteen on September 11, 2001, and the thing I remember most about that day was hoagies. In my school, a hoagie fundraiser was deemed more important than getting a grasp on what was happening and helping students process. Since then, a lot of Bad Things have happened. A lot of Bad Things happened before then, too.

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