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  • Hallelujah, Summer is HERE!

    By far, the single greatest perk to working in the public school system is the temporary unemployment we call Summer. After a particularly brutal winter, (and I say this as someone who spent three beyond-brutal Februarys in Northern Michigan), it has often felt like this day would never come. But my backyard is full of greenery, and my Summer Non-negotiable is in the mail.

    I made the decision back in April that summer without a hammock would be a total failure. By this time next week, I should be lounging under the trees. Hammocks have always been my favorite. When we were in Key West three years ago, we spent more time in the hammock at our B&B than doing anything anything else. Since my schedule with Second City (oh right, I’m doing some writing workshops with Second City this year, heyo!) precludes any real summer trips for us, I decided investing in a hammock could bring the serenity of travel to us.

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  • Why Daily Writing Goals Are Important

    Photo by Angie Torrest

    You’ve heard it before. I know you have. And if you haven’t? Get out from under that rock. All together now: The only way to be a writer is to write. Whew, got that out of the way.

    Sorry to be yet another echoey voice in the chamber, but there’s a reason that gets touted out so often. It’s the only piece of writing advice that is applicable to 100% of people who want to be or are presently writers. If you’re not writing then, sorry, but you’re not a writer. That goes for me, too.

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  • Why I Stopped Listening to NPR in the Car and Will Never Go Back

    Confession time: I love NPR. A lot. I’ve been listening to their podcasts (Science Friday, what up!) with a devoted regularity for over five years. I look forward to Mondays because they mean new This American Life.

    Some people really hate NPR. I do not understand these people, and may secretly harbor pity for them. The reporting is sharp, the stories interesting, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to learn something new. It’s the holy grail of radio.

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