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  • In Which Wren Talks About Priorities and Choices

    Original photo by Tony Unruh

    There comes a time in everyone’s life when you realize you need to make priorities. This often comes with a certain amount if humiliation, because you generally have to admit that your priorities are all screwed up. At least that was true for me.

    I’ve mentioned the Year of No Habits and the Year of Shame before. I don’t think I’m quite ready to really talk about them in depth yet, but we’ll get there. We always do.

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  • Why Daily Writing Goals Are Important

    Photo by Angie Torrest

    You’ve heard it before. I know you have. And if you haven’t? Get out from under that rock. All together now: The only way to be a writer is to write. Whew, got that out of the way.

    Sorry to be yet another echoey voice in the chamber, but there’s a reason that gets touted out so often. It’s the only piece of writing advice that is applicable to 100% of people who want to be or are presently writers. If you’re not writing then, sorry, but you’re not a writer. That goes for me, too.

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